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        Call Toll Free
        (877) 280-7278
        Serving Customers Worldwide
        Customer Stocking Program
        Preventative Maintenance Program
        PCB (Circuit Board Repair)
        Featured Products

        Cascade Industrial Services MRO (maintenance, repair, and operations) team delivers strong, broad product knowledge and cost savings to our expanding industrial customer base.

        Customers include industrial plants and facilities using MRO, Safety and Electrical products. Sales associates are highly trained in reducing total cost of ownership and offer the best brands in the industry, as well as value added services such as training, vendor-managed inventory (VMI), or storeroom management.

        Available brands such as Tokyo Keiki (Tokimec), Azbil (Yamatake), Fuji, Sakagami, and NOK (to name a few) allows the industrial buyer to purchase everything they need from one trusted source.

        Our customers can be found in many industries: plastics and rubber, automotive, petrochemical, heavy equipment manufacturing, pulp & paper, metals, utilities, government, transportation services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, marine and aviation.


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