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        Call Toll Free
        (877) 280-7278
        Serving Customers Worldwide
        Customer Stocking Program
        Preventative Maintenance Program
        PCB (Circuit Board Repair)


        NOK is Japan’s first oil seal manufacturer. NOK’s functional parts, such as oil seals and o-rings of advanced technology in processed synthetic rubbers, are used in a wide variety of other industries.



        • O-Ring (P Type, G Type, JIS B 2401, AS568, AN6227)
        • Oil Seal (SB, SC, TB, TC, TCN, TCV, TCZ)
        • Backup Ring
        • Buffer Ring (HBY, HBTS)
        • Dust Seal / Scraper / Wiper (DSI, LBI, LBH, DKI, DWI, DWIR, DKBI, DKB, DKH, LBHK, DSPB, DLI, DLI2)
        • Packing (UPI, USI, UPH, USH)
        • Piston Seal (SPG, SPGW, ODI, OSI, OUIS, OUHR, SPGO, SPGC, CPI, CPH)
        • Rod Seal (IDI, ISI, IUIS, IUH, UNI, SPN, SPNC, SPNO, SPNS)
        • V Packing (V99F, V96H)
        • Wear Ring (WR, RYT)


        Cascade Industrial Services currently stocks a large inventory of NOK o-rings and seals.


        • O-Rings and Custom Shapes
        • Polyurethane O-Rings
        • PTFE Products
        • Radial Shaft Seals
        • Magnetic Fluid Seals
        • Mechanical Face Seals
        • Custom Molded Products
        • Gaskets
        • Flexitech Hose Assemblies
        • Fluid Power Products
        • Metal Bellows
        • Microcellular Polyurethane Products
        • Plate Seals
        • Reed Valves
        • Silicone Products
        • Track Roller Seals
        • Valve Stem Seals
        • Vibration Control Devices