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        Call Toll Free
        (877) 280-7278
        Serving Customers Worldwide
        Customer Stocking Program
        Preventative Maintenance Program
        PCB (Circuit Board Repair)


        Sakagami Seisakusho, Ltd., established in 1897, is a specialized manufacturer of packings. Sakagami packings and seals are used in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing devices for general purpose machinery and tools. Sakagami products have solved many sealing problems to serve industry's diverse needs and requirements. Industrial progress, both here and abroad, is so rapid that packings are subjected to increasingly severe service condition, including pressure, temperature and speed. Many types of fluids are used in these devices, too. Sakagami continues intensive research and development on all types of packings to satisfy the needs for increased service life and improved profile. With Sakagami Quality comes first.

        Cascade Industrial Services currently stocks a large inventory of Sakagami seals.




        • Ring (P Type, G Type, JIS B 2401, AS568, AN6227)
        • Backup Ring
        • Dust Seal / Scraper / Wiper (SDR, SCB)
        • Packing (KY, SKY, RNY, RGY, GNY, GPY, OSY)
        • Piston Seal (ST, STK, TPS)
        • Wear Ring (SW, SWA, SWB, SWO)
        • SRIB Bushing, Guide (WPB, WRB)