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        Call Toll Free
        (877) 280-7278
        Serving Customers Worldwide
        Customer Stocking Program
        Preventative Maintenance Program
        PCB (Circuit Board Repair)


        Simrit is a joint venture partnership between the industrial sealing products division of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies. A leading producer of advanced sealing products, Simrit is known for manufacturing expertise, reliability, exceptional customer service and field engineering support. The company offers standard product lines including shaft seals, fluid power components and o-rings. Custom designed solutions are available in these lines as well as custom molded rubber, silicone, PTFE, polyurethane and gaskets. A small cross-section of Simrit’s product offerings are as follows:



        • O-Ring (P Type, G Type, JIS B 2401, AS568, AN6227)
        • Oil Seal (SB, SC, TB, TC, TCN, TCV, TCZ)
        • Backup Ring
        • Buffer Ring (HBY, HBTS)
        • Dust Seal / Scraper / Wiper (DSI, LBI, LBH, DKI, DWI, DWIR, DKBI, DKB, DKH, LBHK, DSPB, DLI, DLI2)
        • Packing (UPI, USI, UPH, USH)
        • Piston Seal (SPG, SPGW, ODI, OSI, OUIS, OUHR, SPGO, SPGC, CPI, CPH)
        • Rod Seal (IDI, ISI, IUIS, IUH, UNI, SPN, SPNC, SPNO, SPNS)
        • V Packing (V99F, V96H)
        • Wear Ring (WR, RYT)


        Cascade Industrial Services currently stocks a large inventory of Simrit o-rings and seals.